How to Make Your Bathroom Energy Efficient

When it comes to making your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient, many people forget about one of the most used rooms in their home, the bathroom. Since the bathroom is so frequently used on a daily basis, and it is the room that uses the most water, it is probably a room that is costing you the most money in energy. However, it is never too late to make your bathroom as energy efficient as the rest of your home. Keep reading to find out how.

Energy Efficient Fixtures are Available:

Toilets: When making your bathroom more energy efficient, it is useful to keep in mind the kinds of fixtures you choose. Toilets are one of the biggest sources of water usage in the bathroom, and the most water is wasted by older toilets. Whether it is in how much water is used per flush or problems that cause your toilet to run longer than usual, older toilets will cause you to pay more money and use more water. There are many new toilets on the market today that take water consumption into mind in how they are designed. These toilets are made so they use much more suction power when flushed so they do not need to use as much water. This means that less water goes to waste. This is a good first step in creating a more energy efficient bathroom.

Bathtubs: Bathtubs are another energy consuming culprit in your bathroom, and this is even more true for older bathtubs. Older bathtubs are typically made out of cast iron or steel, which is very cold to lay against when taking a bath. This causes people to raise the temperature of their bath water to make them feel warmer in the tub. Remodelling your bathtub to an acrylic model could help decrease the amount of energy you use in the bathroom. If you choose to remodel your bathtub, hire a professional bathroom renovation company to do the job for you.

Showers: If water consumption is something you care about, you should assess the shower head you are currently using. So many shower heads use countless litres of water for every 5 minutes of use. That is a lot of wasted water and a lot of money on your energy bills. An important way to make your bathroom more energy efficient is to purchase and install a water-efficient shower head. These shower heads are low pressure and use tonnes less water per 5 minutes of showering which will significantly reduce your energy costs.

Assess Your Lighting Situation:

Energy Efficient Lightbulbs: Lighting is one of the easiest, yet most overlooked ways of reducing the amount of energy you use in the bathroom. No matter what kind of lighting unit you have, it is as simple as changing the bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs may cost a few dollars more than regular bulbs, but they will save you much more money in the long run. Energy efficient bulbs use only a fraction of the electricity of regular bulbs and last up to 15 times longer. A smart way to save even more electricity is to add a dimmer switch to your energy efficient bulbs. This way when the bathroom is being used for purposes such as taking a relaxing bath or shower, the lights can by dimmed since they are not needed so bright.

What Do Your Windows Look Like?:

New Windows: If there are any, another energy consumer in your bathroom could be your windows. There is a lot of moisture in bathrooms and this can cause damage to the windows and window frames over time. This can cause leaks from the window of hot and cold air. This means it will also cost more on your energy bills. If there is damage done to your windows that cannot be easily fixed, you should definitely replace your bathroom window. Choose an energy efficient window with special glass systems to help reduce the energy use altogether. You will find a decrease in your future energy bills for sure.

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